Stern Metallica Monster Premium Pinball Machine


Uses standard 110 Volt AC Cord
Can be set on free play or coin play
4 Easily-attached legs; adjustable volume and game difficulty

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This version of the game will have Stern’s new modern metal and wood backbox, speaker panel decal matching the game art, and current design one piece auto launcher. It’s going to also have the same great art as the last production runs. Formed in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, Metallica have turn out to be one of the influential and commercially successful rock bands in history, having sold 110 million albums worldwide and playing to millions of fans the world over. They have scored several multi-platinum albums, including 1991’s Metallica (commonly known as “The Black Album”), which is the best selling album in history of Soundscan scanning 16 million albums in the United States alone. Their latest album, Death Magnetic, was certified platinum just six weeks after it debuted atop the Billboard Top 200 Album chart in October 2008. Death Magnetic charted at #1 in 32 countries. Metallica have also garnered a lot of awards and accolades, including nine Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, and multiple MTV Video Music Awards, and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009. The band recently celebrated its 30th-Anniversary with a week’s worth of fan club concerts at the Fillmore Theater in San Francisco, CA. In 2012, they announced the launch of Orion Music + More, an annual two-day festival curated and headlined by the band. This past summer, Metallica unveiled a brand spanking new stage in Mexico City that featured iconic elements that spanned its 30-year career. They played eight shows to nearly 180,000 fans at the Sports Arena in Mexico City. Later that month the band performed four shows on the same stage in Canada, two in Edmonton and two in Vancouver, throughout which they shot their upcoming Nimród Antal directed 3D Feature Film, Through The Never, so one can be released in 2013.
Uses standard 110 Volt AC Cord
Will also be set on free play or coin play
4 Easily-attached legs; adjustable volume and game difficulty
Up to 4 players; 9 Month warranty on the Dot Matrix Display 60 days on the PCBs
This game is electrically-configured to operate only in North The united states (60 cycle) Do not export


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