Chicago Gaming Arcade Legends 3 Upright Arcade Game Machine


Arcade Legends 3 is a full sized arcade game for the home
Coin-door has been permanently deactivated; Arcade Legends 3 is for home use only; Commercial use is prohibited
Featuring a full sized cabinet; commercial quality arcade controls and a 26-Inch LCD display

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Welcome to your own personal arcade room. The 80s and early 90s are known as the ”Golden Age of Arcade Games” for that era’s outstanding output of fun, creative and addictive video games. The Arcade Legends 3 Upright Multi-Game Video Arcade Game Machine collects some of the greatest that the Golden Age had to offer and puts them in a single unit. The pre-installed 130 games represent some of the most groundbreaking and entertaining titles in history, such as Asteroids, Berzerk and Centipede. Or, upgrade to 145 awesome games with the Arcade Legends 3 Game Pack. With its genuine arcade style controls, impressive selection, stunning 26-Inch LCD monitor and easy-to-navigate menu, the Arcade Legends 3 Upright Multi-Game Video Arcade Game Machine is undoubtedly the best way to play the best games from the best era in gaming.

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