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Funway Freeway was an arcade entertainment business that spanned from the 1970’s-early 1990’s.  They were located in just about every major shopping  mall across the United States. It was a popular hangout for kids, and adults to play their favorite coin operated stand up Arcade Video Games, and pinball machines.  The machines operated on Tokens that were exchanged by token machines  that accepted $1.00, $5.00, and $10.00 currency. There was also an attendant that would exchange money for tokens.  Each token was equivalent to a quarter.  Most game took 1 token while the latest games took 2 to 4 tokens. Capable of  playing  solo or multi player.  The achievement was whom could earn the highest score to enter ones  name on the high score list.

The arcade video game boom began in the early 1980’s.  Funway Freeway kept up with the latest games available. On any given weekend the place was packed with people. Often there were lines of anxious kids waiting to play the most popular games. A short list of the top game of that time  Pacman, Mrs. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. , Galaga, Galaxian,  Tron, Stargate, Defender, Tempest, Asteroids, Q Bert, and Spyhunter to name a few.  Everyone was competing to get the high score. It gave you bragging rights to have your name amongst the elite players.  It was an addiction to many.

Funway Freeway saw its demise in the 1990’s. The emergence of video game consoles with higher quality graphics competed against the stand up video games. This definitely hit the bottom line of  Funway Freeway, and  most arcades across the world.

Funway Freeway never had a website or a Funway Freeway Facebook page. The internet did not exist when they were in operation. Funway Freeway Outlet is not affiliated or related in anyway to Funway Freeway Entertainment or Bally Corporation.  Funway Freeway buys, and sells name brand merchandise and offers huge discounts on it’s offerings.  Selling : New, Open Box, Used, Parts for repairs and replacements. Concentrating on a variety of items such as Toys, Tools, Watches, Handbags, and Fragrances. Top brands by Mattel, Hasbro, Collectible Star Wars, and Monster High, Hot Wheels, Transformers,  DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Rigid, and More. Funway Freeway E -Commerce  is a fun way to shop, and save money without ever leaving the house. Fedex ships directly to the door.


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