Man Cave Ideas: Game Room

Man Cave Ideas Design and Themes


What is a man cave?

A man cave is a room or space designed for refuge, leisure, and personal space for the man of the house. Man caves are rooms that can be transferred into a retreat where lounging, hobbies, viewing sports, and movies, drinking alcohol, playing pinball and video games, and any activity a man desires. Here we sum up some man cave ideas to help with the planning process.

Where are man caves located?

  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Outdoor Buildings

How to design a man cave?

Designing a man cave to personal taste is the best part of the process. Planning is  key to making it the best man cave around.  Here is the order of importance to the man cave plan. Picking the right theme, furniture, flooring, wall decor man cave signs, man cave decor, man cave items, and amenities. Down below are man cave ideas that will hopefully point in the right direction.  This is your special room! Design your man cave to your specifications.

Man Cave Ideas: Theme Planning

  • NFL Sports Teams
  • NASCAR Car Racing
  • Arcade Game Room
  • Olde English Pub
  • Irish Pub
  • Billiard Style
  • Sports
  • Cigar Bar
  • Movie Cinema
  • Harley Davidson

Man Cave Ideas: Wall Covering

One man cave idea that gives appeal is the room color. Choose a paint, wall covering, or panel  that is different or out of the ordinary. Go bright, dark, or light.  This is your room design it the way you like. Choosing a paint or wall covering that will compliment the theme. Down below are ideas that will enhance according to theme.

  • Sport Theme Choose team colors. Visit  Team Color Codes  for exact team colors. Example: Denver Broncos Color Code.  Choose NFL, NCAA. NBA, NHL, MLS, or MLB colors. Here’s a cool idea: paint the ceiling one color, and the walls the other color. This will make the room pop.
  • Arcade Game Room Theme Think back when you were a kid. Some of the arcades that were around in the malls. Design it like Funway Freeway, Timeout, Aladdin’s Castle, Malibu Grand Prix or your favorite place. Search the internet for images to revive your memory.  Here’s  a cool idea: Paint the walls black. Yes that’s right pure black. Pinball machines, and Arcade Games are bright and colorful. The lights and cabinets  for the most part are bright colors. Install neon signs, street signs, nostalgic signs, neon posters, or bright artwork.  The walls will scream with arcade flavor.
  • Pub or Billiard Parlor Dark brown, and  espresso colors express pubs, and billiards the best. Wall paneling custom stained or pre finished  may do a way with painting the walls altogether. Since most pubs, and billiard parlors are wood looks. Here is a link for fantastic pub ideas: Interior Pub Ideas
  • Nascar or Racing Choose your favorite driver. Look at his car, and choose the color scheme of the car, and transfer it to the walls. Scour the internet, and view images, visit the driver’s website, and go to town. Decorate the walls with sponsors, street signs, memorabilia, or showcase loaded Nascar collectibles. Here’s a cool idea: With a skilled painter. Paint or wallpaper the walls a black and white checkerboard racing flag. This will accent the entire racing theme.
  • Movie Cinema Visit your favorite theater, and observe the colors. Reds, and Maroons dominate this theme. Take photos and duplicate it. Visit any paint store and show them the color you desire. Buy samples, and paint on a section of the wall for an example. Be sure to let the paint dry for an optimum idea of how its going to look.
Man Cave Ideas: Furniture

Visit as many websites as you desire to find the right man cave furniture. Use keywords such as bright, comfortable, rustic, durable, theater, themed sports. Be sure to add furniture to filter out the results. Once you see the man cave item you like visit the store to be sure it is what you want. Ordering online can be deceiving, since colors don’t appear to be exact as images.

  • Bean Bags
  • Stools
  • Pub Stools
  • Theater Seating
  • Stadium Seating
  • Bright Material
  • Benches
  • Recliners

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Man Cave Ideas: Flooring

Flooring makes the room. Choose the right flooring that compliments your man cave theme. There are many choices out there to get the desired look, and style.

  • Hand Scraped Rustic Wood Flooring
  • Bowling Alley Wood Strips
  • Checkerboard Black and White PVC Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Casino Carpet
  • Acid Washed Concrete
  • Sport Themed  Rugs
  • PVC Wood Flooring
  • Bright Commercial Carpet
  • Red Theater Carpet

Man Cave Ideas: Wall Decor

Your man cave would not be complete without the proper wall decor. Compliment your theme with man cave signs, and nostalgia. This will make any man cave explode with flavor. Visit Ebay, Craigslist, Garage Sales to get the best deals on wall decor.

  • Street Signs
  • Nascar Sponsors
  • Coca Cola Signs
  • Sport Logos
  • Neon Signs
  • Showcases Loaded with memorabilia
  • Beer Signs
  • Posters
  • Arcade Signs
  • Artwork
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Man Cave Ideas:Game Room 

No man cave is complete without its toys. Have fun playing pinball, and video games in the privacy of your own home. Vist for the best deals on the latest and greatest Pinball Machines, and Arcade Games. All sales are conducted through secure amazon checkout, come with factory warranty, and most are delivered free to your door.


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